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HVAC Concepts (HVACC)
Controls Contractor, System Integrator, and Manufacturer
  • HVACC has been in business over 19 years -- concentrating on controlling and monitoring facilities throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
  • HVACC identified the change in the control industry from proprietary to interoperable systems and has made substantial investments in understanding, integrating and supporting LonWorks based systems.
  • HVACC has maintained and supported all of its installed systems. Over 99% of all systems ever installed in the company's 19 year history are still running at 100% capacity.
  • HVACC operates a 24-Hour Monitoring and Service Center to handle alarm functions and customer service needs.
  • HVACC can select, install, integrate, and support LonWorks based products from hundreds of manufacturers including products from leading national controls companies. This enables HVACC to select the BEST product available for the application.
  • HVACC is an Authorized Tridium System Integrator and is experienced in presenting LonWorks, Bacnet, Modbus, and several proprietary control networks via the web with the Tridium JACE Controllers.
  • HVACC is committed to continue developing its web site and web services to provide easy access to: (1) support data (control drawings, data sheets), (2) site data (alarm information, service call tracking, multiple site reports, utility reports), and (3) software and site specific file updates.

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 HVACC: New Product: Field Display For Tridium JACE Controllers
Friday, December 05, 2003 - 02:30 PM

HVACC / Company Field Display For Tridium JACE Controllers
Embedded Graphic User Interface

The Field Display For Tridium JACE Controllers (FD) is an low-cost, embedded, Ethernet panel mount graphic display for Tridium JACE Controllers. FD Network Configuration is accomplished via the display itself. FD Content Configuration is accomplished via Tridiumís WorkPlace Pro (JDE) application, using specially sized and constrained Gx Pages.

The FD is intended for applications where a user interface is a requirement and a consumer PC or panel mount PC are not options due to relibility, cost, and support issues.

- Displays 320 x 220 Niagara Gx Pages (with limitations)
- Displays (Graph and Tabular) versions of Niagara Trend Logs
- Displays Active Alarm Conditions
- Edit Control Variables (Manual Command BO, AO, MSO and other objects)
- Network Config via Front Panel (Static or Dynamic IP)
- Display Config via Tridium's WorkPlace Pro Tool.
- Panel Mount, Wall Mount

Field Display Product Page

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 HVACC: New IA Controllers
Wednesday, July 30, 2003 - 12:05 PM

InvenSys Building Systems InvenSys Building Systems has released several new unitary equipment lonworks controllers. They are made for retrofit applications and have 3 heavy duty relay outputs on-board (no pilot relays necessary). Click Here to View Data Sheet

InvenSys IA WebSite

Note: HVACC uses InvenSys controllers for unitary control applications and VAV Box control applications. The controllers are very reliable, are programmable (unlike most unitary controllers), and have a full line of adjustable wall stats.

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