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HVAC Concepts (HVACC)
Controls Contractor, System Integrator, and Manufacturer
  • HVACC has been in business over 19 years -- concentrating on controlling and monitoring facilities throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
  • HVACC identified the change in the control industry from proprietary to interoperable systems and has made substantial investments in understanding, integrating and supporting LonWorks based systems.
  • HVACC has maintained and supported all of its installed systems. Over 99% of all systems ever installed in the company's 19 year history are still running at 100% capacity.
  • HVACC operates a 24-Hour Monitoring and Service Center to handle alarm functions and customer service needs.
  • HVACC can select, install, integrate, and support LonWorks based products from hundreds of manufacturers including products from leading national controls companies. This enables HVACC to select the BEST product available for the application.
  • HVACC is an Authorized Tridium System Integrator and is experienced in presenting LonWorks, Bacnet, Modbus, and several proprietary control networks via the web with the Tridium JACE Controllers.
  • HVACC is committed to continue developing its web site and web services to provide easy access to: (1) support data (control drawings, data sheets), (2) site data (alarm information, service call tracking, multiple site reports, utility reports), and (3) software and site specific file updates.

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 HVACC: Special Report From ASHRAE: Guidance for Building Security (January 26, 2003)
Thursday, March 13, 2003 - 04:26 PM

HVACC / Company Excerpt from

"A new risk management strategy for building owners to use in determining their level of risk in regard to extraordinary incidents has been issued by ASHRAE.

The report, Risk Management Guidance for Health, Safety and Environmental Security Under Extraordinary Incidents, was presented at ASHRAE's 2003 Winter Meeting held Jan. 25-29."

Links to Documents on
Ashrae News Article
Executive Summary
Full Document

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 HVACC: KPS Open-3 / Tridium Training Sessions
Friday, March 07, 2003 - 07:38 PM

KPS Open-3 As part of our ongoing support services, HVACC is holding periodic training to help your personnel better understand and utilize the KPS Open-3 Building Automation System. We have scheduled the following training sessions for your convenience. Please note the communication software program version listed beside each session before choosing which class to sign up for and if you are uncertain, do not hesitate to ask us. The KPS CP sessions are for phone line dial up communications without Tridium. The Tridium training is designed for those using the World Wide Web including dial ups with Tridium.

Please contact Ted Ross at 301-670-0044 to sign up.

We will be serving a working lunch at each session in the inertest of conserving your time.

Thursday March 20, 2003 (10:00am - 2pm) Gaithersburg KPS CP
Thursday April 24, 2003 (10:00am - 1pm) NAPE Falls Church KPS CP
Thursday May 29,2003 (10:00am - 2pm) Gaithersburg Tridium
Thursday June 12,2003 (10:00am - 2pm) Gaithersburg KPS CP
Thursday September 25, 2003 (10:00am - 2pm) Gaithersburg KPS CP
Thursday October 23, 2003 (10:00am 1pm) NAPE Falls Church KPS CP
Thursday November 13, 2003 (10:00am 2:00pm) Gaithersburg Tridium

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 HVACC: Emergency Shut-Down of Air Moving Systems
Wednesday, February 26, 2003 - 11:24 PM

HVACC / Company Click Here to View/Download PDF Version


To: Our Valued Clients

Re: Emergency Shut-Down of Air Moving Systems

HVAC Concepts, Inc. (HVACC) has been receiving many requests regarding the ability of your KPS Building Automation Systems (KPS) to shut down all air moving systems upon command from a workstation (terminal) or other manual input in the event of an emergency.

There are several issues regarding this concern that we would like to bring to your attention:

(1) It is important to understand that the KPS is not classified as a life/safety protection system! The KPS has the ability to shut down connected equipment to optimize energy consumption, but was never intended to provide life/safety protection. Users should understand that most KPS connections are wired in a manner allowing them to be easily overridden (bypassed) for service purposes, defeating the automatic functionality. Other KPS connections may be installed where other controls or safeties can force the connected equipment on or off. In contrast, a system designed for life/safety purposes is wired so it can never be bypassed or overridden.

(2) All ventilation systems are not normally connected to the KPS as they are designed to run constantly or come on automatically. Exhaust fans, specialized pressurization fans and other ventilation units would need to be considered in any attempt to lessen air infiltration into a building. Shutting fans down and closing dampers will reduce the amount of outside air infiltrating a building but would not eliminate it.

(3) HVACC is not aware of any formal codes from governmental agencies regarding chemical or biological attacks. Ashrae has released a set of guidelines "Building Health and Safety under Extraordinary Incidents". We also must make it clear that we are not experts in protecting buildings from these or other sorts of attacks.

HVACC can perform software and/or hardware modifications to accomplish a specific, customer designed, sequence of operation but cannot consult or advise any action or remedy to provide this type of protection as we do not possess the expertise required. Our only warranty on installations such as this is that we will service the equipment installed if it fails. HVACC will not assume any other liability installations or modifications that could be perceived as life/safety protection.

Although HVACC will test the sequence of operation thoroughly upon completion we strongly recommend that any such installation/modification be tested routinely to help ensure all equipment is operating as intended. We strongly urge you to seek a qualified, licensed consultant specializing in these areas.

HVAC Concepts, Inc.

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