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HVAC Concepts (HVACC)
Controls Contractor, System Integrator, and Manufacturer
  • HVACC has been in business over 19 years -- concentrating on controlling and monitoring facilities throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
  • HVACC identified the change in the control industry from proprietary to interoperable systems and has made substantial investments in understanding, integrating and supporting LonWorks based systems.
  • HVACC has maintained and supported all of its installed systems. Over 99% of all systems ever installed in the company's 19 year history are still running at 100% capacity.
  • HVACC operates a 24-Hour Monitoring and Service Center to handle alarm functions and customer service needs.
  • HVACC can select, install, integrate, and support LonWorks based products from hundreds of manufacturers including products from leading national controls companies. This enables HVACC to select the BEST product available for the application.
  • HVACC is an Authorized Tridium System Integrator and is experienced in presenting LonWorks, Bacnet, Modbus, and several proprietary control networks via the web with the Tridium JACE Controllers.
  • HVACC is committed to continue developing its web site and web services to provide easy access to: (1) support data (control drawings, data sheets), (2) site data (alarm information, service call tracking, multiple site reports, utility reports), and (3) software and site specific file updates.

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 Field Display v1.2.0 (with Tridium Scheduling)
Saturday, May 22, 2004 - 08:17 PM

HVACC / Company Field Display v1.2.0 - Released in BETA! A number of important changes and corrections have been made. Field Display Product Page.

(1) Tridium Time Schedule and Special Event Editing! (Add Screen Shots)
(2) New Idle Modes (Logoff, BackLight Only Off, None)
(3) Network setup displayed on power up after successful ethernet open.
(4) Invalid Monochrome BMP files flagged

(1) Screen updates immediatly after an edit
(2) Fixed double update in group switching
(3) Increased DHCP timeouts
(4) Menu Text would flash on update if no background bitmap
(5) Enter on JACE PW config creates blank password instead of space password
(6) Correctly Display Degree Symbol
(7) Network init logic fixed
(8) Blank Group Displayed one random item from previous group
(9) BMP files larger than 12k would make operation of the FD unpredictable
(10) PW for config only would still cause password to be entered to edit items.
(11) FD will not function behind some proxy servers. Two problems - 1-some proxy servers return http 1.0 respones to http 1.1 requests, and 2-http get request was being made with extra bytes appended to the packet after the header (invalid).

Note: Please Upgrade to 1.2.1f - Several Issues have been reported and corrected from the 1.2.0 beta release.

(1) New Feature: Configurable number of prefix characters for edit items
(2) Bug Fix: Delete last daily schedule entry reset
(3) Bug Fix: New schedule entry reset
(4) Bug Fix: Schedule minute entry limited to 23
(5) Bug Fix: Edit MSO last enum dropped (introduced in 1.2.0)

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 HVACC: HVAC Concepts, Inc. - 2003 Niagara Framework Technology Innovation Award
Saturday, May 08, 2004 - 05:51 PM

HVACC / Company May 5th, 2004 - HVAC Concepts, Inc. was presented with Tridium's 2003 Niagara Framework Technology Innovation Award!

Excerpt from Award Letter - "There are over 400 Niagara Framework partners worldwide who sell, install, and support Niagara Framework solutions. This award acknowledges HVAC Concepts as a leader in the Niagara community, and among the most progressive organizations in the industry."

Ed Merwin (Tridium), Kevin Perdue (HVAC), Daniel Drury (HVAC)

Note: Unfortunately, this award caught us by surprise. The awards were given at breakfast on the last day of the conference. We were dressed and ready for golf.

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 HVACC: HVAC Concepts, Inc. - At Trdium's Niagara Summit
Saturday, May 08, 2004 - 05:49 PM

HVACC / Company
The first Tridium Niagara Summit was held from May 1st to 4th in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Niagara Summit provided an unparalleled opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and solutions with the community surrounding Tridium's Niagara Framework.

Niagara Summit General Session

HVACC was involved in the Summit and presented (with a leading industry analyst and TFMC of South Africa) a general session presentation titled "New Business Models Enabled by Smart Device Management"). Both TFMC and HVACC run on a service based business model with long-term customer service and satisfaction being key. Kevin Perdue of HVACC presented our company, business model, and philosophy, and Daniel Drury of HVACC demonstrated some of the web-based business systems that HVACC has developed to serve its customers.

HVACC also presented several sites and its Field Display device in the Solutions Showcase. The solutions showcase was a group of system integrators demonstrating some of their sites with unique device integrations, to show the power and flexibility of the Niagara Framework.

The overall reaction to the Summit and HVAC Concepts was very positive and enthusiastic.

Tridium Web Site
Niagara Summit Web Site
Tridium Summit Showcase Video

Kevin Perdue - General Session

Daniel Drury- Solutions Showcase

Note: The audience was comprised of 400 of the top System Integrators and controls OEMs from around the world.

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 HVACC: New Product: Field Display For Tridium JACE Controllers
Friday, December 05, 2003 - 02:30 PM

HVACC / Company Field Display For Tridium JACE Controllers
Embedded Graphic User Interface

The Field Display For Tridium JACE Controllers (FD) is an low-cost, embedded, Ethernet panel mount graphic display for Tridium JACE Controllers. FD Network Configuration is accomplished via the display itself. FD Content Configuration is accomplished via Tridiumís WorkPlace Pro (JDE) application, using specially sized and constrained Gx Pages.

The FD is intended for applications where a user interface is a requirement and a consumer PC or panel mount PC are not options due to relibility, cost, and support issues.

- Displays 320 x 220 Niagara Gx Pages (with limitations)
- Displays (Graph and Tabular) versions of Niagara Trend Logs
- Displays Active Alarm Conditions
- Edit Control Variables (Manual Command BO, AO, MSO and other objects)
- Network Config via Front Panel (Static or Dynamic IP)
- Display Config via Tridium's WorkPlace Pro Tool.
- Panel Mount, Wall Mount

Field Display Product Page

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 HVACC at 2003 PMA Expo
Friday, October 10, 2003 - 07:06 PM

HVACC / Company HVAC Concepts, Inc. and The NAC Group exhibited at the 2003 PMA Expo (Property Management Association Expo). HVAC Concepts, Inc. provided live projection screen demonstrations of web-based control systems featuring Tridium's JACE Controllers. It was a very productive day of demonstrating our products and interacting with our current and future customers.

Left to Right - Ted Ross (HVAC), Kevin Perdue (HVAC), Scott Bailey (NAC)

PMEXPO offers property management professionals a one-day, once-a-year showcase of products and services needed in the management, operation and maintenance of real property. PMEXPO features nearly 300 exhibits, keynote addresses, live demonstrations of new technology and a full-day of accredited seminars addressing topics that provide multiple reasons for property management professionals to attend and stay throughout the day. The exhibitors that participate at PMEXPO offer a wide spectrum of innovative products and services, ranging from new telecommunications and software to advanced security products.

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